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Receiving&Quality Check

  • Received materials are stored in an automated warehouse and samples of each consignment are checked for quality.ロールカルーセル写真


Special processing in the calender machine, based on our proprietary technology, is applied to both sides of the paper to improve surface smoothness. Video image
  • Corter画像
    • This picture shows the drying zone of the No. 3 Coating Machine.
    • FUTEC, a plain surface inspection system, is used to check for small flaws, dark spots, and streaks, and then a marker seal is applied.

Rotary cutter

Rolls are cut into sheets by the rotary cutter. Two rotary cutters are used.Video image
  • Cutter画像


The sheets are cut to the specified size using a cutting machine.
Two cutting machines are in operation. Video image



Stacks of 500 sheets are prepared and transferred by belt conveyor to the automatic wrapping machine after two corners have been cut. Video image

Video image

Automated Baling

Paper wrap is automatically applied by the YURIPAO wrapping machine, and the wrap is taped to the finished product at the same time. Video image

The sheets are cut and conveyed to the wrapping machine by belt conveyor, where wrapping is applied for each 250-sheet stack. Video image

  • yuripao image

Stored in Warehouse Racks

  • The finished products are stored in mobile racks in the warehouse and sorted by type and size.

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